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This is Her legacy to Us - GRANDPARENTING on PURPOSE

We grew up within several blocks of each other, attending nearby high schools. From our youthful years to the present, we have strived to honor our faith with devotion and consistency. One of our faith traditions is treating others kindly and compassionately—which includes loving others, especially family members. We believe that much, if not most, of our happiness and purpose in life is tied to honoring this fundamental conviction—loving others.

We have been married for fifty-three years. We have been blessed with four children: Daniel, Amy, Mary, and Marcia. They and their spouses (Kristin, Scott, Ryan, and David) have blessed us with twenty-two grandchildren, five of whom are now married.

As we neared the completion of the book, Linda became extremely ill. Nonetheless, she continued to inspire and contribute to the spirit and content of the book. Several months before the completion of the book, she passed away due to the complications of several challenging medical conditions. We miss her dearly. She was and is the genius and architect behind most of our prized family traditions, routines, and practices.


Grandparenting on Purpose is her legacy to us.

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