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"GRANDPARENTING ON PURPOSE is a wonderful guide for anyone lucky enough to have grandchildren. The best grandparents offer children love, respect, guidance, and fun. This book offers instruction and inspiration in all these areas."

Mary Pipher, Ph.D


Clinical Psychologist, Recipient of the American Psychological Association's Presidential Citation, and Award-Winning Author of Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls (1994)

"GRANDPARENTING ON PURPOSE" is the resource you’ll wish you had read as a parent.
It’s a helpful guide with thoughtful principles to help readers establish their own successful experiences by providing resources to support, love, and truly enjoy both their children and grandchildren.
From the introductory pages which set the tone for the book, I was relieved to find that this would be a safe, comfortable book for me to read. This book wasn’t going to be a recitation of what a grandparent should and should not do. The authors immediately put me at ease by indicating they understood each family was different and that the ideas presented were “catalyst[s] for creating or enriching” my own grandparenting skills. Continually acknowledging that I would need to personally determine what my family’s own unique traditions, routines, and family events would include gave me a sense that I could do this! 
Each chapter of the book discusses principles that can be applied in every family with ideas for exploring ways to identify, connect, and expand family bonds. Through the use of thoughtful questions, possible creative actions, and the reminder that everything should be adapted to personal needs, I am definitely motivated to learn new skills and take grandparenting to the next level in my family."

Tricia Stoker

Grandmother of 27 Grandchildren

"As grandparents, we all want the best for our grandchildren, and we probably do a pretty good job of contributing to this. However, upon reading this thought-provoking and compelling book, I have become more aware of my grandchildren’s needs and how I can contribute to their happiness and success in life by enhancing my loving and caring relationship with them.


The Egans share how they have done this with many delightful, fun, and profound examples, while, at the same time, encouraging and empowering us to create our own style of “grandparenting on purpose.”


Thank you, Winn and Linda, for writing this book that grandparents will refer to time and time again for inspiration and motivation."

Betsy Folland

Parent Educator, The Road Home

Grandmother of 4 Grandchildren

"This is a book filled with joy and wisdom. I dare any grandparent to not find dozens of practical and inspiring ways to enrich your relationship with your grandchildren.  Just make sure you pay attention to the authors' plea not to compare yourself with them.  They are like grandparent athletes who can help the rest of us improve our game!" 


William J. Doherty, Ph.D.
Professor of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota

Co-founder of Braver Angels. Braver Angels was inspired by the words of Abraham Lincoln, who not only called on Americans to summon the “better angels” of our nature — but called on us to find the courage to pursue a more perfect union, “with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right.”

"Winn and Linda provide a powerful and practical workbook for all grandparents who want to make a difference with their grandchildren. The book delivers insights and suggestions for almost every situation and personality grandparents may encounter."

Dan and Carol Ellertson

Grandparents of 29 Grandchildren

"Overall, I just really loved the entire book. Your ideas and activities were so fun and creative and there is an obvious free flow that goes on in your household. We can all aspire to have these beautiful, joyful tenets in our households that can be carried on from generation to generation!"


Vera Naputi, AVID Teacher and Instructional Coach

Madison Metropolitan School District, Madison, WI

"In this deeply personal book, Winn and Linda Egan give readers a front-row look into the meaningful and impactful experiences they have created for their grandchildren. Any grandparent can benefit from this book chock-full of thoughtful, fun, and rewarding ideas.

Whether you have one grandchild or many grandchildren, you are bound to add depth to your relationships by considering some of the many ways Winn and Linda Egan have been extraordinary grandparents.

Grandparenting comes naturally to most grandparents. Yet all of us can become more effective in our role by learning from others. Any grandparent wanting to have a more positive impact on his or her grandchildren will find a treasure trove of possibilities in Winn and Linda Egan's very personal book."

David S. Folland, M.D., Pediatrician

Grandfather of 4 Grandchildren

"GRANDPARENTING ON PURPOSE is the 21st Century equivalent to Dr. Spock's landmark parenting book from the 1950s.  It is the "go-to" resource for all grandparents who endeavor to establish and maintain loving and purposeful relationships with their grandchildren.  Its conversational voice engages the reader with an array of topics and themes that include easy-to-follow steps and guides to activities that will enrich the lives of grandparents and the grandchildren they love."


Marshall Welch, Ph.D., D.Min.

Grandfather of 2 Grandchildren

"The Egans remind us to have fun while parenting or grandparenting. They remind us of the saying that “parenting our own children is what you have to go through to get grandkids.”  And they remind us what grandchildren are: an absolute delight.  

After reading Winn and Linda’s book on grandparenting you will wish they had been your grandparents.  But you will also discover great ideas about how to be grandparents like them.   The Egan’s success as grandparents is best illustrated by the comments their grandchildren make about them.  Winn and Linda probably did a good job with their children, but they are doing an even better job with their grandchildren.  

Things they suggest to a grandchild: an unexpected letter; a supportive text, a kid’s day retreat, or lunch, a regular letter or text, hurry-free listening, informal lunches in remote settings, unique gifts, a personalized treat and much more.  Having family themes (with painted wooden block reminders: “I Can Do Hard Things”), printed placemats with children’s names, family traditions. You get the idea. 

Lots of suggestions by some wonderful grandparents.   This book isn’t just about being a great grandparent, it’s about the neighbor kid or an adopted grandchild, niece or nephew that needs a friend."

Cardell Jacobson, Ph.D,

Grandfather of 12 Grandchildren

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