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A legacy impacting generations to come

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

This book represents our best efforts over the past twenty- five years to form positive and enduring relationships with our grandchildren and their parents.

As we neared the completion of Grandparenting on Purpose, Linda became extremely ill. Nonetheless, she continued to inspire and contribute to the spirit and content of the book. Several months before the completion of the book, she passed away due to the complications of several challenging medical conditions. We miss her dearly.

She was and is the genius and architect behind most of our prized family traditions, routines, and practices.

Grandparenting on Purpose is her legacy to us.

In this book, you will learn essential principles and practices that contribute to the development and sustaining of loving relationships with those you love most.

We believe the establishment of these positive relationships is at the heart of Grandparenting on Purpose.

You will also discover concrete actions you can take to engender happiness in your grandchildren and their parents.

We hope you will enjoy this legacy from our hearts to yours.

Click here for more about the book.

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