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Don’t Forget It!

During the past few weeks, we have been able to attend several engaging events involving our grandchildren--Jane, Rachel, Erin, & some of their friends. These events include soccer games, lacrosse competitions, basketball tournaments, dance performances, and other activities.

Often, without thinking, I exit our home without my camera. This is a big mistake when it comes to connecting with and supporting our grandchildren. Remember establishing positive and enduring relationships with grandchildren is one of your greatest opportunities as a grandparent.

I believe grandchildren, for the most part, love to be captured in action. They want to know how they look, perform and respond in sports, arts, and other related activities. Also, their teammates enjoy having someone take an interest in their emerging skills.

Some teammates say to our grandchildren, “Who is that guy with the camera? Do you know him?”

“Oh yes, that’s my grandpa. You’ll just have to get used to him. He always brings his camera. Just ignore him.”

Sometimes, I get called later on in the evening about my “shoots.” “Hey grandpa, can I see the photos you took of our team and me?”

“Absolutely! I will send you a link where you and your friends can see what I captured. Not every picture is perfect or in focus, but I know you will understand. Enjoy!”

I often send photos to parents and other grandparents who are willing to share their email addresses with me. As you will see, I enjoy connecting with many parents and grandparents whose children or grandkids happen to be playing or performing with one of our granddaughters or grandsons. Also, when I am working as a photographer, I do not make as much noise. I move from being a loud cheerleader to a quiet, focused photographer.

In my estimation, one of our most significant roles as grandparents is helping our grandchildren discover who they are, what they are good at, and how practice and effort pay big dividends.

Do not let another grandchild-centered event pass without taking your cell phone or camera to capture your grandchildren in action. They profit much from your engagement and interest in their lives. Taking their pictures is a simple way of saying, “I am interested in you—I love you!”

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