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When Grandma Was a Girl

If one of your precious grandchildren was asked to describe you, what would they say? Hopefully, they would say things like “loving,” “good cook,” “always remembers my birthday,” “likes to hug me,” “comes to watch me perform,” or other loving expressions. The one word they will probably never use is “young”!

Grandchildren may assume we have always been this age – even though the older ones may know better. I decided it was time to let them know that once I was a real live little girl – and so “When Grandma Was a Girl” was born.

Small, colorful, creative picture books are easy to do online – no particular computer skills or graphic arts background is required. Just decide how comprehensive you want this to be. Start digging through the pictures, write some simple text, select a host book publishing source (there are dozens of them), and get started!

My grandchildren have loved reading this book – and it was so much fun for me to create it!

I think the picture of my sweet Erin, reading her book in bed (under the quilt I made her), says it all.

DHave fun with this – it’s hard to say who will enjoy it more – you – or the grandchildren for whom it is intended!

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